Programming for beginners: how to become a junior developer

Are you attracted to working in IT as a software engineer, but lack programming experience? In the article, you will learn about the most suitable programming languages for beginners and which programming language to choose depending on the area you want to specialize in.

If you’re interested in becoming an experienced Java developer, but don’t know how to learn coding and master the basics of programming, there are plenty of resources and opportunities online to kick-start your software development career. This IT job requires a lot of patience and determination, but hard work will definitely pay off, as evidenced by the software developer benefits and the developer´s salary. Read what you’ll need to get a job as a software developer.

Don’t underestimate the basics of programming

Before you take the plunge into programming, it is extremely important that you learn the basic terminology that will serve as a foundation for further learning. Each programming language has its own variables and its own syntax. Variables can be defined as the way in which a computer remembers individual pieces of information for future use. Syntax, in turn, represents the rules that determine the structure of a programming language.

In addition, we also recognize data structures, i.e., collections of data for easier handling of large amounts of data, and control structures, i.e., statements that define the direction of program flow. Various programming tools can also simplify programming. These can check for errors, help with file organization, or automatically complete lines of code.

Which programming language is suitable for beginners?

There are currently more than 700 programming languages, with Python, C, Java, C++ and C# being among the most popular. A big advantage is that if you learn one, the others will be much easier for you. But when choosing a programming language, think carefully about what you actually want to program. Not all programming languages are suitable for beginners, so your dream language may have to wait a while before you learn a simpler one that you can then build on.

Beginner developer and programming
Choosing the right programming language can help you learn coding.

In a junior software developer job without a degree, it doesn’t usually matter which programming language you know, as you need to be proficient in at least one of them. However, to get started, we recommend learning the universal programming language Python It is the most ideal language for beginner developers because its syntax is similar to English, which makes it easy to understand even for a complete IT novice. Python is easy to read, intuitive, and is used for working with big data, developing backend web applications, and automating software testing.

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… programming for beginners can also be greatly facilitated by communities of developers for a particular programming language. Among the most active are the JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, C++, PHP, Kotlin and Swift communities.

The most popular programming languages for juniors

In addition to Python, it’s also worth learning the markup languages HTML and CSS used to create static web pages, for example. Among beginners in programming, they are one of the most popular languages that will teach you the basics needed to be a developer. JavaScript scripting language is also ideal for creating dynamic client-side web pages, server-side scripting or game development.

The object-oriented, general-purpose programming language Java, which is used to develop mobile, desktop and web applications, etc., is extremely popular. Another universal programming language for creating dynamic web pages and applications is PHP programming language. SQL query language is used to work with relational databases and the data stored in them.

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Once you understand the basics, the types of programming languages and their purposes, it’s time to choose a programming language and learn it gradually. For junior programming jobs, the basics of programming are enough, so you can continue your education in a professional environment in a programming language on the job.

With a job as a software engineer comes many benefits and various workload of a developer depending on the position for which the potential employee is applying, or which he/she holds in the IT company. At msg life Slovakia, we have our doors open to anyone interested in the field of information technology and development Technology is moving the world, including the digital one, and that’s why a job as a software developer comes with a great responsibility for the future of the IT sector. Browse open job offers for developers and join our development team today.

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