The salary of a software developer and wages in IT jobs

As a software developer, you have the potential to earn a genuinely attractive income. It’s one of the most lucratively compensated IT roles with a high demand in the job market. Discover what a developer’s salary looks like and how IT wages stack up against other professions in the information technology sector.

Why should one consider a developer’s career and what are the benefits of software developer job? If you don’t have experience with the job of a software developer yet, you will certainly be interested in information on how to become a software developer even without prior work experience and practice. However, your salary will subsequently depend on those experiences

The financial reward in the role of a software engineer also depends on factors such as specialization, job position, and the developer´s job description. In general, the gross monthly salary of a programmer in Slovakia typically ranges from €1,470 to €3,329, with 10% of developers earning less and 10% earning more.

The developer’s salary is also determined by the programming language.

In the context of a developer´s salary, the programming language used is also a significant factor In the IT sector, there is a multitude of programming languages, and it’s not feasible for every software engineer to master all languages at an expert level. Employers, therefore, typically hire employees based on proficiency in a specific programming language required for the desired position, ensuring they get the best expert in their field.

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When choosing a job, don’t just consider the salary. While this aspect is extremely important, before focusing on IT salaries, concentrate on the areas that interest you and what you genuinely want to program.

However, some programming languages are more popular in the job market than others, which can be observed in the varying salary levels. As a programmer in the Slovak Republic, you can earn from €1,274 to almost €4,900 gross per month in senior positions. This is a list of the 10 most lucrative programming languages in Slovakia:

  • Ruby
  • ABAP
  • Perl
  • Go
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • PHP


The gross monthly salary of a Ruby developer ranges from €1,193 to €4,866. While the salary of a junior Ruby developer may not be as high as that of a senior, an interesting financial reward awaits you. The salary range for an ABAP developer is €2,037 to €3,915. On a junior position, you will indeed earn more than a Ruby developer, but on a senior level, significantly less.

A Perl programmer can earn a monthly salary in Slovakia ranging from €1,125 to €3,638, while a Go programmer can earn between €1,097 and €3,499 A similar salary range can be observed for the position of a Python developer, ranging from €1,640 to €3,410 Among popular IT professions is the role of a Java developer, with the salary of a Java developer ranging from €1,560 to €3,334 depending on their job position and specialization

IT wages and salary of a developer.
The salary of a programmer also varies depending on the programming language used.

A C# developer earns approximately from €1,554 to €3,314, a C++ developer earns from €1,573 to €3,290, a JavaScript developer earns from €1,651 to €3,258, and a web application PHP developer earns from €1,496 to €3,168 The salary of a junior developer can vary based on the required programming language, ranging from €1,097 to €2,03

In addition to the language, the programming environment also plays a crucial role

Did you know that when it comes to the salary of a developer, a decisive factor is also the environment in which they codeor which technology they specialize in? A .NET developer, focusing on programming in the .NET environment, can earn an average of €1,633 to €3,297. An Objective-C developer, developing mobile applications for the iOS platform and devices with the iOS operating system, can earn a monthly salary of €1,057 to €4,006.

The salary for an iOS programmer ranges from €1,455 to €4,926, placing this job position at the 25th position in the salary rankings in Slovakia. . On the other hand, an Android programmer can earn from €1,568 to €4,064, which is noticeably lower compared to the income for an iOS developer.

What is the salary range in the IT sector?

As mentioned earlier, employment in the position of a developer comes with attractive financial rewards, among other benefits Many other positions are also well-paid, such as an IT architect with an average gross monthly salary ranging from €2,128 to €5,121, a Cloud specialist earning between €1,193 and €4,972, an IT product manager with a salary of €1,612 to €4,798, and so on. DevOps engineer specialist, who earns from €1,922 to €4,124.

An above-average salary, specifically ranging from €1,161 to €4,119, awaits you in the position of a game developer. You can earn decently as an IT project manager with a monthly gross salary ranging from €1,696 to €3,838, as a Scrum Master earning between €1,743 and €3,802, as an IT consultant with an average monthly salary of €1,391 to €3,555, as an IT business analyst with financial compensation ranging from €1,621 to €3,376, or An IT tester, whose salary can climb up to €3,012.

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