Reasons for choosing a job as a software developer and its benefits

As one of the main areas of IT nowadays, coding is an extremely attractive job in which you have the opportunity to grow continuously. The high demand for software developers and the difficulty of the work can be responsible for the fact that you can earn more as a developer than in other IT positions. If you are considering a career in IT, this article will tell you about the benefits of working as a developer.

The job description of a software developer varies depending on the position they are in. In general, however, a developer creates software applications using programming languages, analyzes requirements, designs and develops software solutions, and fixes bugs in the source code as they arise. To become a good developer, you certainly don’t need patience, a willingness to take on challenges and a commitment to continuous learning.

In addition, for IT jobs, you also need professional education, which you get either at university or through self-education. Of course, you also need to be able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice, which you will achieve through practice and further education. But with the employment of a software developer comes many benefits, and we’ll tell you what they are.

Software developers are in great demand

Our society is dependent on technology, and the demand for skilled, but especially good developers is really high. So if you know coding, or at least the basics of coding, you will find a job very quickly. The jobs of a developer are associated with a certain security, which is not a matter of course in every job.

If you want to become a sought-after developer, you need to keep improving your coding and, as they say, “not rest on your laurels”. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, so you need to keep up with the latest trends in coding. This will ensure you get interest from potential employers and better job opportunities.

Another way to increase your value on the job market is to speak German as well as English. Web developer jobs with German are currently in high demand and also better paid, so your language skills are guaranteed to pay off.

You don’t need a degree to work as a programmer, you need experience

While it might seem that IT companies require a college degree to hire a developer, the opposite is true. Compared to other professions, software developers are mostly judged on their skills and practical experience. A developer´s education is important, of course, but it doesn’t refer solely to a college degree. At the same time, don’t forget that the more coding experience you gain, the more desirable a developer you can become.

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You can improve your coding skills by studying the literature, attending courses focused on coding and putting your knowledge into practice. If you’re patient and determined, you’ll find success in the form of a good job.

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The job of a software developer is dynamically evolving and offers the opportunity for career growth.

Interesting financial evaluation

Despite the fact that there is a great interest in coding mainly because of the good financial evaluation, finding and getting an experienced software developer is extremely difficult. That is why the salaries of developers in Slovakia and abroad are on the top rungs. How high is Java developer’s salary, you ask? The average gross salary for a software developer position in Slovakia ranges from 1470 to 3329 €, with 10% of developers earning less than 1470 € and another 10% earning more than 3329 €. For comparison, the average salary in Slovakia in 2021 was calculated at 1211 €, which proves that the amount of a developer´s salary is really attractive and above standard.

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… if you know the Java programming language, which is also required at msg life Slovakia, your gross salary will be even higher as a software developer. The average salary for Java developer jobs ranges from €1560 to €3334.

Rich career development opportunities and a choice of job offers

In IT, you don’t have to worry about stagnation and stereotyping because the sector is constantly evolving. As a software developer, you will be constantly learning and developing your skills, which will also give you the opportunity for career growth. For example, you can work your way up from a junior Java developer position in msg life to a Java developer medior/senior to a Java developer expert.

And if you would like to develop and maintain software for project management, scheduling and attendance, after several years of experience as a medior developer you can go in this direction and try a job as a Java developer ERP.

In case you have the need to constantly progress and move on, the job of a software developer is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Every developer has a number of job offers to choose from. There is a long-term shortage of people in this area.

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The job of a developer is not just for men. The doors are wide open for women. Moreover, the first computer developer was a woman – Ada Lovelace. That is why the job of a developer is recommended for everyone, regardless of gender.

Developer can work in office and remote

The great advantage of working as a developer is flexibility. Back in the days when Home Office was not the standard, many developers worked remotely. Developers are not limited by space and often not limited by time. They usually only need a computer and an internet connection to do their work, so they can work anywhere. Flexible working hours are particularly suitable for people who are not satisfied with the standard time-limited working hours, who are engaged in other activities in addition to their job, or who want to work in the evenings.

Various employment opportunities are also a benefit. As a developer, you can get a permanent job, a freelance job, or not be tied to one employer and work freelance. The choice of work form depends on your preferences, each of which has its own specific advantages. It’s up to you how you decide.

In addition to the general benefits of working as a programmer, each IT company provides specific employee benefits. We in msg life Slovakia for example, we offer an attractive salary, flexible working hours, the opportunity to work even during parental leave, low employee turnover, free language courses and professional training or massages on site. If you are interested in working as a programmer and want to become a part of our development team, check out job offers, and send your CV for the position you are interested in. Join a growing leading IT company today.

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