What is the salary of a Java developer depending on his position and experience

It’s no secret that the IT sector is one of the top earning industries. In addition to interesting projects and a wide range of applications, you will not be deprived of an above-standard financial evaluation. In this article you will find out how much you can earn as a Java developer and what the salary of a developer depends on.

Employment Java developer is one of the most popular jobs, and not only because of the attractive financial evaluation. The Java programming language is quite widespread in the IT world and most developers have experience with it already at university or even earlier. The main workload of a Java developer consists of developing desktop and mobile applications and websites in Java, analyzing requirements and evaluating potential risks or regularly checking and fixing bugs in the source code.

How much does a Java developer earn in Slovakia

The gross monthly salary of a developer in Java developer jobs in Slovakia ranges from €1,560 to €3,334. However, it should not be forgotten that this is the average salary of a developer, and this means that 10% of developers earn less than €1,560, while 10% earn more than €3,334.

Salary of a Java junior developer

As you can see, the salary of a Java developer is really interestingly valued for a junior position. You can earn around €1,600, which is extremely attractive considering the requirements for a junior developer. This is a great way to kick-start a career in IT.

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… the job position of a Java developer ranks 77th out of 665 positions in the salary hierarchy in Slovakia, making it one of the top one hundred financially rewarded jobs in the Slovak market.

If you want to work in a position Java developer junior, you should already have basic Java coding experience. Most IT companies don’t require previous work experience, so these jobs are ideal for recent college graduates or people just starting out in coding.. You also don’t have to worry if you don’t have experience with all the technologies listed in the job offer. Employers often look for a willingness to learn, to learn new things and to take initiative, so don’t be discouraged even if you don’t have experience as a developer.

Financial evaluation for the position of Java developer senior

As the number of years of work increases, as well as the experience and skills you have acquired, so does your price on the labour market. The salary of a developer for the position of medior Java developer is on average 2 450 €. As a senior Java developer, you should be proficient in Java coding at an intermediate level. In addition, more advanced knowledge of a foreign language, primarily English, and proficiency in a broader range of technologies and tools used across Java developer jobs is required.

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The salary of a Java developer grows depending on professional work experience with Java coding.

How much can you earn as a Java expert developer

To employment Java developer expert you need years of experience in Java coding at the expert level. As with the other positions, you will need an advanced knowledge of the English language, but you can also look forward to working with technologies and tools such as Spring, Maven, Websphere, JBoss, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes and many more. You can earn up to around €3,334 as an expert Java developer, which is already a really attractive salary.

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Although the job of a Java developer is primarily associated with the knowledge of English language at least at the B2 level in both written and verbal, it is also a great advantage to have knowledge of German or to be able to communicate in both languages. You can also improve your chances of getting a job as a Java developer by improving your language skills.

Try your hand at Java ERP developer

Do you have professional work experience with Java coding and are you interested in working with ERP systems? In that case, the job may be Java ERP developer is right for you. Financial compensation is based on the position, with the average salary being similar to that of a Java developer.

You will be responsible for the development and maintenance of software in the company’s “Enterprise resource planning” or ERP, but also for supporting the controlling department in the development and maintenance of data collection and processing tools. As a Java ERP developer, you can get by with (work) experience in Java coding and a foreign language in junior and intermediate positions. Experience with ERP systems and relational databases is usually considered an advantage rather than a necessity.

If you enjoy coding, know English or even German and are interested in constantly expanding your knowledge, join us as a Java developer. V msg life Slovakia you can look forward to working on interesting projects in an international team of experts, attractive employee benefits as well as financial remuneration and the opportunity for career growth. See our job offers and become part of our development team.

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