How to become a software developer without a degree?

If you’re diving into programming or have been at it for a while without any plans for college, we’ve got some fantastic news for you. In most IT companies, a degree in IT is not necessary to become a software engineer, so you can become a developer without one. We bring you a guide on how to do it.

The profession of software developer is a great career choice, especially for newcomers to the IT sector who enjoy programming and want to start their career in the field of information technology. The software developer job description varies depending on their position, specialization, employment, and programming language. Being a developer brings many benefits, making this job popular not only among employees but also employers.

The most important aspect is the knowledge of programming languages.

To get a job as a junior developer, you will primarily need a basic knowledge of programming in at least one programming language. Before choosing the profession itself, first consider what you want to program and which area you plan to focus on. You will use a different programming language when programming software, artificial intelligence, or as a PHP developer for websites and applications. Therefore, make sure that you meet the required criteria and adapt your further education accordingly.

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Currently, Java, Python and JavaScript are among the popular programming languages. As a junior Java developer, initial experience with Java programming, proficiency in the English language, and a willingness to learn new things are sufficient. In return, an attractive software developer’s salary and additional benefits await you. So if you don’t know where to start and what direction to take, choose a programming language that is in high demand on the market.

How to obtain professional education without attending college?

As we mentioned above, you don’t need a degree to work as a junior developer in most IT companies. Today, you can learn to program with the help of the fast internet and the right resources, and there are many ways to master the basics of programming.

Junior developer without university degree
For professional education in the field of programming, you don’t need a university degree.

If you prefer classical education through professional books, head to the library or the nearest bookstore. If you prefer an audio-visual form of education, you can find practical and free online tutorials and tutorials in software development on the Internet, with precise procedures and often voice commentary. Communities for developers, mobile apps for developers and educational programming courses for beginners are also suitable alternatives.

Nothing like practical experience in programming

A great advantage of the university is the fact that during your studies you have the opportunity to try out several programming languages, different areas of programming or even to practice in an IT company, thanks to which you will learn what you enjoy the most and what you would like to avoid in the future. So if you are a developer without a university degree, you have to figure all this out on your own by trial and error, and this is difficult not only in terms of time, but also financially.

A how to become a software developer or a java developer? You can get hired without previous work experience, college or internship, but it doesn’t mean that theoretical knowledge is enough. So don’t forget to put your acquired skills into practice and start working on your own projects during your self-education, which you can then present, for example, when applying for a job. Whether it’s your own website, blog, or a simple mobile application, your passion for programming will certainly not go unnoticed in a potential job.

Program, program and program…

Repetition is the mother of wisdom, so you will only improve your programming skills with more programming. Your possibilities are unlimited in this regard. It will definitely help if you get a job or find work experience as a developer in the programming language you are learning. With a job as a developer, you’ll progress much faster in programming thanks to help from experienced colleagues, feedback and the need to keep up with senior engineers.

Remember that with a programming job comes a lot of responsibility and hard work. However, if you enjoy programming and see a future in this sector, you can look forward to superior financial compensation, work on interesting projects and career growth. At msg life Slovakia, we provide our employees with attractive employee benefits and place a strong emphasis on continuous education as well as the health of our staff. So if you want to be involved in custom software development at a leading international IT company, check out our current jobs for developers and become one of us.

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