What is Java: advantages, disadvantages and why you should learn it

There are several advantages of the Java programming language, but as with any other programming language, there are some negatives. So if you’re wondering which programming language will be the most rewarding for you in your IT job, we’ll introduce you to the top reasons why you should learn to program in Java and the advantages and disadvantages of Java.

You’ve probably already encountered the Java programming language, regardless of whether you have several years of programming experience as a senior java developer or you are just starting out in the IT sector.

What is Java

Java is a multi-purpose, object-oriented programming language founded in 1991 by Oracle. It is fast, safe and reliable, and along with Python, C, C++ and C#, it has long been one of the most widely used programming languages, which is no surprise given the benefits of Java programming.

Java language is a free programming language that you can download and use for free, with instructions on how to, how to learn coding Java can be found almost everywhere today. But beyond that, there are other interesting benefits to using it that make learning Java a guaranteed worthwhile experience.

What are the advantages of programming in Java?

1. Java is a versatile and functional programming language

Java can be defined as a universal programming language. This means that it can be used for programming in almost any field. It is most often used for software development, Big Data, server back-ends, mobile, desktop or web Java applications, but it is also great in the field of artificial intelligence or machine learning development.

At the same time, it is an interpreted language that is easily transferable between platforms. Source code written in Java can thus be run anywhere, regardless of the platform or operating system.

2. Java programming language is suitable for beginners

Programming in Java is not only interesting, but also quite simple. The Java programming language is clear, easy to read and its syntax is based on the popular C and C++ languages. It even performs a pre-launch analysis to verify that there are no bugs, issues or flaws in the source code that could make the application unworkable or insecure.

So if you junior java developer and you are just getting started with programming, we definitely recommend you to choose this programming language. Java programming for beginners can be mastered by anyone, even without previous programming experience.

3. Memory management is not necessary when creating applications

The great news is that Java manages its memory automatically without the need for manual startup or foreign intervention. This way you can get on with your programming undisturbed and not worry about potential memory management problems.

Java developer with black hair looking at the code on the monitor
The Java programming language is one of the most popular programming languages.

4. The huge community of Java developers is also a great advantage

In addition to rich professional literature and online guides, developer communities can also help you with programming in Java. There are more than 9 million developers in the world who have already encountered the same or a similar problem as you, or cannot cope with it. And since Java is an open-source programming language, finding help is real easy.

5. High demand and premium salary for Java developer

In the current era of automation, digital transformation and constant innovation, the demand for quality software engineers is also growing. However, as the demand increases, their salaries also increase, which is due to the developer’s salary is an extremely attractive motivation.

The IT sector is one of the best earning industries and the Java developer job is no exception, as evidenced by the the salary of a software developer. When choosing a programming language, the salary of a given position may also be a factor.

Disadvantages of Java programming language

As mentioned above, the Java programming language can run on a variety of platforms and operating systems. However, this has a negative impact on its speed. As a result, Java is slower than platform-specific languages.

Automatic memory management also has a negative impact on language speed. Although it makes the developer’s job easier, it significantly reduces Java’s speed compared to programming languages where the developer is in charge of memory management. For programming games or computationally intensive operations, the Java programming language is therefore not an ideal choice.

In addition, it is also RAM-intensive and is not recommended when creating complicated user interfaces to avoid unnecessary problems and disagreements that occur when using Java. A big disadvantage of Java programming is the lack of backup. The Java programming language is not oriented towards backups, which can result in the loss of important data.

Although it is one of the programming languages suitable for beginners, Java’s syntax is more complex than, for example, Python, and thus more difficult to understand and learn. Java codes consist of long sentences and contain a lot of details, which can make the source code difficult to read for a newcomer. It is also complicated to navigate through the many libraries and frameworks available for Java as well as to evaluate their suitability for a given application. However, it should not be forgotten that the advantages of Java programming clearly outweigh its disadvantages.

Master Java programming and become one of us

The Java programming language is versatile, functional and in high demand on the job market. So if you’re thinking about learning to program in Java, knowing it can help you a lot when applying for a job as a developer. We also use the Java language in msg life Slovakiawhere we are actively looking for skilled developers. In our junior positions, even the basics of Java programming are enough for you.

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