Useful online tools for web developers to make your job easier

Whether you’re a junior developer, working in web development, or have extensive experience as a software developer, there are several ways to save time spent programming. In this article, we’ll introduce you to online tools for developers that will simplify your work and speed up the overall programming process.

The job of a developer is demanding, not only because of the skills required and the need for constant progression and learning, but also in terms of time. You can easily spend hours on programming, so you will appreciate any help that will help you reduce this time and make your work easier. There are plenty of useful websites for developers on the market, but we’ll mention a few online tools that every developer should know.

Learn to code with educational websites

In a clever way, how to learn how to program or expand your programming skills is a website focused on educating programmers. In addition to the popular site Udemywhich offers video tutorials on almost every technology-related topic, websites such as RoadmapSh, 30 Seconds of Code, Web.Dev or The Odin Project.

GitHub platform for building open source projects

Developer platform GitHub enables Code Reviews, software development, management and creation of open source projects in one place. With this online tool you will be able to contribute to projects and share your source code with software developers from all over the world. So if you want to develop free websites, GitHub is the right choice for you.

github screenshot

DevDocs – all programming language documentation in one place

Open source application DevDocs lets you quickly and efficiently search API documentation for all popular programming languages and frameworks in a single interface. The website also works offline, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

DevDocs screenshot
DevDocs interface

OverApi – cheatsheets and documentation of programming languages

Web OverAPI is one of the most visually beautiful and useful online tools for developers. Includes documentation and cheatsheets for those most commonly used programming languages and libraries around the world. However, you’ll also find various resources and tools for developers to use in your work, such as a tool for generating your own API documentation. If you enjoy, for example programming in Java, you should definitely check out this website.

OverApi screenshot
OverApi interface – front-end language customization for web developers

Web platform for developers CodePen is a handy online code editor for editing popular front-end languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS without the need to install additional software. The online tool gives you full control, a web demo and lots of inspiration from developers around the world, and you can see all the changes you make to your code in real time. It is thus also an ideal tool for learning and programming for beginners.

CodePen screenshot
CodePen interface

Code Beautify – more readable and beautiful website code

Does your source code look bad to you and is hard to read? An online tool can help you with this Code Beautifythat makes sure your code is not only beautiful, but also easy to read. The online tool supports features like CSS Beautifier and CSS Minfier, HTML Beautifier and HTML Minfier, and JavaScript Beautifier and Minfier that you’ll appreciate when you’re building a website.

CodeBeautify screenshot
CodeBeautify interface – experiment with web content and SEO

In addition, the tool generates tags for websites, you can also use it to edit and experiment with your content and then see how your website will look on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Such a feature will help you create content exactly to your liking as well as improve your website’s SEO. screenshot interface

Muzli, Colorhunt, Type Scale – web design tools

There are many online tools to help you choose the right colours or fonts for your website. Thanks to Muzli you can discover many beautiful colour palettes and colours and be inspired by designs from all over the world. The web works on a similar principle Colorhunt, where you can find attractive colours and colour palettes. For fonts, the website will serve you well Type Scale. With it, you’ll be able to easily compare the sizes and colours of individual fonts in real time.

Muzli screenshot
Muzli interface
Colorhunt screenshot
Colorhunt interface
TypeScale screenshot
TypeScale interface

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