What is the job description of a software developer and software engineer?

The job of a software engineer is related to the process of developing software applications. This occupation involves transforming a software application based on a specification into the form of a computer program. In the article you will learn what is the profession of a developer, what a software engineer does in individual positions and what technologies and tools he works with.

The occupation of a programmer is incredibly in demand, thanks to both the overall shortage of developers and the challenging nature of the work. On the other hand, the position of a developer offers job stability, the possibility of career growth, above-standard salary and many other software developer benefits.

A software developer creates computer or mobile applications, websites, or other software products in a specific programming language that he/she is proficient in. In addition, he/she is responsible for fixing functional and security bugs in the source code found during software testing.

What does a Java developer do depending on the job position

A software engineer is generally responsible for requirements analysis, design and implementation of innovative software components, modules and functions. The developer´s task also includes the digital transformation of life insurance business models through big data analysis. The developer closely collaborates with software testers and project architects, applying agile approach together. The responsibilities of a Java developer include working with various technologies, depending on the IT company and the specific job position. At msg life Slovakia, the Java developer primarily uses:

  • Java 8, Java 11, Spring, Maven, Kubernetes and Cloud,
  • DB2, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases,
  • Static code analysis SonarQube,
  • Eclipse development environment or Windows OS,
  • Jira, Confluence, Office 365 or Teams Collaboration.


Are you a novice in programming and do not have any prior work experience? Start at the junior position. As a junior Java developer you will be responsible for requirements analysis, design and agile development of software solutions in the field of life, non-life and health insurance as well as other supporting systems such as Partner or Billing. You can’t avoid creating and updating technical and business documentation. Of course, all this under the strict supervision of a more experienced developer.

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… to become a junior Java developer, you don’t need a degree, and you don’t have to have any experience in similar positions. First experience with Java programming language, ability to work in a team, independence and good communication skills in English will be sufficient.

The Java Developer Medior/Senior needs several years of Java programming experience, a high level of personal initiative and a solution orientation to any software problem. The advantage of working at msg life Slovakia is experience in software development for the insurance sector and communication in both English and German. The role of the mid and senior Java developer is to independently troubleshoot, analyze and design software products. He is also responsible for fixing bugs in the source code, Code Reviews and implementing unit or regression tests.

The highest level of Java programming is Java developer expert. You can only become one thanks to your years of working experience with Java programming and acquired knowledge in the field of software architecture design. Similar to other roles, having advanced proficiency in the English language will be beneficial in this position.

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If you want to increase your chances of working as a software engineer and earn even more, you will gain a competitive and financial advantage if you speak both English and German at a communicative B2 level.

The Java ERP developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of software in the “Enterprise resource planning” branches of the company and is tasked with enterprise resource planning, maintenance of data collection and processing tools, as well as development controlling. For junior and intermediate positions, you only need knowledge of a foreign language and Java programming. For a higher-level position, you will need previous experience with an ERP system and relational databases.

Capture of two programmers during their meeting.
The ERP developer is engaged in controlling in the field of programming and maintenance of data collection tools.

Tasks for the position of Integration Java IT Architect.

The Integration Architect is a position suitable for individuals with experience in system development and a broad overview of information technologies. The job of a Java architect consists of preparing analyses and providing advice in the field of IT architecture. The Integration Architect is responsible for the technical-architectural area of project management, using the Java EE programming language and integration platforms such as SOA and ESB.

To be hired as a Java IT Architect, you need a successfully completed secondary or higher education, work experience in a similar position, an overview of IT, especially in the field of software development, and experience with the Java EE programming language. You should not lack a sense of teamwork, logical and analytical thinking and independence. Certification in software architecture, such as ISAQB international certification or other certifications, is also welcome.

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… with us at msg life Slovakia you will get a stable job as a programmer and a motivating financial evaluation with various bonuses.

Job description of a DevOps engineer in an IT company.

DevOps combines the terms development and operations. Thus, a software engineer creates and maintains a company’s testing and development environment, contributes to the efficient development of applications, and uses DevOps tools to do all of this. The work of a DevOps engineer is classified as an agile approach because it integrates processes, technologies, and people with different job descriptions, such as developers, analysts, testers, and the client itself, when developing software. The DevOps Specialist position is therefore suitable for flexible and ambitious people with a desire to use innovative technologies. The requirements that a DevOps engineer must meet are:

  • Experience in developing and supporting solutions based on e.g. GIT, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins.
  • Experience in Build Management.
  • Active German or English language level at least B2.
  • Good communication skills, reliability and ability to work in an agile team.

In addition, a high school or university degree is a must and experience with PL/SQL, Oracle and DB2 is welcome. The successful candidate should also be results and solutions oriented to work and have an interest in new technologies and approaches in software development.

Job description of software migration engineer

The software engineer performs migration of insurance software products and systems, assists in the development and creation of migration transformation rules, and assists with their implementation into the company’s IT migration system. His job description also includes taking care of the migration server, configuring and maintaining databases, performing installations and configuring target systems.

Jobs in software engineering involve extensive work in SQL, DB2 or Oracle database environments, as well as programming in C/C++ or Java. A migration engineer necessarily needs an active knowledge of German or a passive knowledge of German in combination with an active knowledge of English.

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What is the job of an IT issue manager

If you’re the organisational type, you might also be interested in the job of IT issue manager, who coordinates the development process and defect management of software systems. In his/her work, he/she operates with technology tools such as Jira, Confluence, Office 365, Teams Collaboration and Excel. In addition, it provides an evaluation of the collected data, presents the current development of individual tasks and issues, and is responsible for bug reporting as well as the initial setup and rollout of Jira projects for task and ticket management.

The Issue Manager is an indispensable member of project teams, as they reallocate and coordinate reported issues and requests, significantly contributing to the timely resolution of reported problems. The projects they collaborate on offer new and interesting challenges and tasks every day. This position is definitely not monotonous, but on the contrary, work in IT is dynamic, stimulating and very interesting.

In case you are interested in the job description of an IT developer and you have found a position you would like to work in, take a look at job offers in development and become part of an international team in a thriving IT company. We provide our employees with attractive employee benefits and we care about their health, further education, as well as a healthy work-life balance. If you don’t have programming experience, find out, how to become a developer without experience. You can start your IT career in positions such as a sotware tester, where the requirements are not as high as for the profession…

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