5 reasons why being a developer is a great career choice

The job of a developer is now more in demand than ever. In today’s technology overwhelmed world, programming skills are highly valued and offer interesting career growth. With a job as a software engineer comes many challenges, but also rich benefits. What are the benefits of being a developer and why choose this career path?

Before we introduce you to the best benefits of being a developer, it is necessary to know what jobs belong to this profession. The term developer has a broad meaning, like a doctor. There are many programming positions you can work in. Among the best known are:

  • web developer
  • Java developer
  • Java developer ERP
  • DevOps engineer
  • IT issue manager
  • mobile app developer
  • software migration engineer
  • game developer
  • task automation programmer
  • database engineer
  • data analyst


Each of these jobs has a junior, mid and senior level. As a beginner, you don’t have to worry about knowing everything right away. Many IT companies offer training courses or programs to their employees and help them improve in the programming languages and technologies that the employee needs.

What are the benefits of working as a developer?

You probably already know that the job of a software developer is interesting, dynamic and extremely stimulating. However, there are several advantages that make it all the more attractive to potential candidates in the job market. Here are 5 reasons why programming is one of the most popular professions.

1. It doesn’t matter where you work from

A computer and an internet connection are often all you need to do this job. As this is individual work on various projects, the presence of a developer is often not required in an IT company. Therefore, many developers work in the form of Home Office, Remote or prefer a hybrid model, where there is a combination of work from home and from the office.

The quality of the projects you submit is a priority, so whether you do your work from the comfort of your home or office is up to you and your employer’s agreement. Flexibility is a great benefit of working as a developer and is appreciated by university graduates, avid travellers, people with multiple jobs, and even new parents, for example. So if you’re interested in working as a developer but don’t see a realistic daily commute to the office, don’t be discouraged either. This job offer may be the right one for you.

2. Interesting salary and many work benefits

With the advancement of technology, automation or the transition to Home Office, the demand for software engineers is increasing. The IT sector is also one of the best-paying, so you’ll be well paid in addition to plenty of job offers for positions ranging from juniors to experienced seniors. Average gross monthly Java developer’s salary in Slovakia ranges from €1,560 to €3,334.

However, the high salaries are far from the end of the story. As a software engineer you can get various health benefits, financial benefits, further education and career development opportunities, but you can also look forward to employee benefits in the area of company culture or team events and interesting teambuilding, during which you will not only get to know your colleagues, but also strengthen workplace relationships.

3. Anyone can become a developer

Despite the long-debunked assumption that learning to code requires a certain type of mind and not everyone can do it, anyone can become a developer, even without previous experience or practice. To start, you will need to know at least one programming language, depending on the job you are applying for. The junior developer is also required to have knowledge of a foreign language, willingness to learn new things and technologies and independence.

Are you new to IT and you don’t know, how to get started and learn coding? There are many tutorials and resources on the internet today, but online communities of developers are also extremely helpful, where you can help and advise each other, but online educational courses for developers can also help you. Thanks to them, you’ll learn the basics of programming, and completing them can help you shine when applying for a programming job. Employers are keen to ensure that their future employees take initiative and are interested in developing themselves personally and professionally.

The team of developers are working in a good mood
Programming can be learned, so don’t be discouraged even if you don’t have any experience.

4. Wide range of developers´ specialization

Programming opens up possibilities in a way that few professions do. As a software developer, you can work in a variety of industries, as programming services are needed in almost every sector. Whether you’re working on a new website for a car company, developing software for a leading IT firm, or programming a complex mobile app for a hospital, you’ll be the one to hear from. So if you work your way up to an experienced developer, you’ll be able to choose what industry you want to work in. That’s what we call free choice.

5. Programming develops creativity, thinking and systematic decision-making

Steve Jobs once said: “Everybody in this country should learn at least a little bit of programming because it teaches you how to think.” Programming actually uses analytical and logical thinking, which in turn allows you to think better and see things from multiple perspectives. Programming also helps systematically solve problems and find the causes of the problem and last but not least, it develops creativity. It is needed especially in the aforementioned troubleshooting, but also in the actual development of the program, software, applications, websites or other products.

Demand, as well as interest in programming jobs, will only grow in the future. So if you enjoy programming and would like to start your IT career in an international IT company, take a look at our job offers for developers. At msg life Slovakia we care about the quality education of our employees as well as their mental and physical health. In addition to the above-standard salary, you can look forward to professional courses, flexible working hours, 5 extra days of vacation, the possibility of career growth or company fitness and massages at the workplace.


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